The Ultimate Guide For Window Treatments For Every Room In Your Cincinnati House

The ultimate guide to window treatments for each and every room in your Cincinnati house is here! Sunburst Shutters Cincinnati offers our recommendations for the best kinds of window coverings for every room in your house. We take into account light control, style, budget, effective insulation, how much privacy is offered, moisture resistance, durability, and more to select your best option. 

Take a look at this guide to find out which window coverings you should go with, with links to specific recommendations and gorgeous photographs of window treatments for every area of your home.
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Cincinnati Living Room Window Treatments

Living Room in Cincinnati with white plantation shutters.

Top Considerations: Style, energy efficiency, custom shapes, durability

Window Treatment Recommendations: Plantation shutters, barn doors shutters, shades

Living rooms usually feature the biggest windows in your home, and it’s the room in which you’ll entertain visitors. That makes the living room the best place to splurge on window treatments that display your fashion sense and give you complete control of the room’s comfort. Two of the best window treatments for rooms that are heavily used are plantation shutters and sliding barn doors.

Plantation shutters convey a elegant style and are exceptionally hardy while giving the highest level of control over temperature and light levels, matching all the living room considerations. Similarly, barn door shutters can add a classic, rustic sense to your living room, while giving you fantastic control of the light in your space.

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Cincinnati Living Room Window Shutters

Cincinnati Dining Room Window Treatments

Cincinnati dining room with sliding barn door shutters.

Top Considerations: Light control, style

Window Treatment Recommendations: Plantation shutters, reclaimed wood shutters, barn doors shutters, shades, blinds

Your house’s dining room may be a formal room you use only for special occasions, or as your common family meal place. Either way, you want a window covering that can control for light and complement your home design and furniture to make your dining room a relaxing place.

Barn door shutters can give a rustic, almost romantic style to a dining room - in addition to giving you extensive control over the level of light and privacy you need. Plantation shutters have a traditional flair but are also adaptable enough to fit in with more modern home design. Shades, though they give you less control over temperature, still allow for some light control to enhance the mood in your dining room, in addition to being available in a huge selection of fashions and colors to pair with any décor.

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Dining Room Cincinnati Window Treatments

Cincinnati Kitchen Window Treatment Ideas

Cincinnati kitchen dining room with plantation shutters.

Photo courtesy of Toll Brothers, 

Top Considerations: Style, ease of cleaning, resistance to humidity and water

Window Treatment Recommendations: Polywood plantation shutters, faux wood blinds

The kitchen is a room full of activity, from preparing meals to hosting guests and then some. Because of the many purposes of your kitchen, you’ll benefit most from a window treatment that’s both versatile and able to stand up to whatever messes might be made.

Polywood plantation shutters satisfy these criteria wonderfully. Not only do their neutral tones match almost any home design choice, but they’re also extremely resistant to moisture and simple to clean as well. Faux wood blinds, while somewhat less durable and attractive than shutters, do give you the water resistance needed in any kitchen window treatment

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Cincinnati kitchen window treatments.

Cincinnati Bedroom Window Treatments

Beige shades in a Cincinnati bedroom.

Top Considerations: Privacy, style, light control, energy efficiency

Window Treatment Recommendations: Plantation shutters, blinds, shades

The first priority for your bedroom should be how easy it is to adjust the light and temperature to make it easy to sleep. No window treatment can match the level of control given by plantation shutters, not to mention their unrivaled ability to give complete privacy and their beautiful looks that complement any décor.

Pull-down shades are also a common bedroom choice, giving you that all-important privacy as well as a cozy look – though they tend to dampen light rather than block it out completely like shutters. Shades also come in a wide selection of colors and styles, making it easy to find an option that matches your bedroom’s colors.

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Cincinnati bedroom window treatments.

Cincinnati Bathroom Window Treatments

Sunray shutters in a Cincinnati bathroom.

Top Considerations: Privacy, ability to handle humidity and water, durability

Window Treatment Recommendations: Polywood plantation shutters, faux wood blinds

When you’re looking into window treatments for bathrooms, your two largest concerns are privacy and resistance to humidity. Both Polywood plantation shutters and faux wood blinds repel moisture and humidity extremely well and in addition provide excellent privacy control with their easy adjustability. Shutters though, have the added benefit of being highly customizable, so they can be constructed to effortlessly fit specialty windows.

Find out which bathroom window coverings will work best for you.

Cincinnati bathroom window treatments.

Cincinnati Family Room Window Treatments

Cincinnati family room with rounded plantation shutters.

Top Considerations: Style, light control, energy efficiency, handling wear

Window Treatment Recommendations: Plantation shutters, sliding barn door shutters, blinds, shades 

Your family room is your place to unwind and spend time together with your family. It’s also a room your guests will often see the most, so fashion and light control should be your top priorities.

Plantation shutters give flair to your family room, and give you great temperature control and insulation to keep your space comfortable. Upscale sliding barn door shutters can be a unique centerpiece to your family room if you want to wow your guests.

Blinds and shades are smart choices due to being available in a vast variety of colors and styles, making it easy to match with your established decor - though they lack the same degree of light and temperature control that shutters provide.

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Cincinnati family room window treatments.

Cincinnati Basement Window Treatments

Cincinnati basement with slider doors and plantation shutters.

Top Considerations: Light control, energy efficiency, handling moisture

Window Treatment Recommendations: Plantation shutters, blinds

Each basement is unique. They might vary in structure, size, how deep they are, and more. Since they vary so much, the recommended window covering for each basement will differ as well.

In general, you need window treatments that will fit the unique shape and size of your basement windows, while giving you the ability to let in the maximum amount of light. Polywood plantation shutters accomplish both of these superbly, while also being resistant to humidity that can be a problem in some basements.

As an alternative, blinds are also a smart choice for basements in Cincinnati. Both aluminum and faux wood blinds offer moisture resistance, while also fitting the most frequently-seen basement window sizes and easily fitting your existing decor.

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Cincinnati basement window treatments.

Cincinnati Home Office Window Treatments

Cincinnati home office with plantation window shutters.Photo courtesy of Jane Cunningham, Room Resolutions

Top Considerations: Fashion, light control, energy efficiency, resilience

Window Treatment Recommendations: Plantation shutters, shades

Decorating with the right window treatments in your home office can help you stay productive and focused no matter the time of day or the outside weather. Plantation shutters give you the best control of light, temperature, and sound, ensuring that you’re able to get work done in a comfortable environment.

If noise canceling and insulation aren’t an issue, shades are a more budget-friendly option that can help fill your space with subdued light, making it more mellow and easier to concentrate on your work as opposed to having no window treatment.

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Cincinnati home office window treatments.

Cincinnati Sunroom Window Treatments

Cincinnati sunroom with beautiful window shutters.

Top Considerations: Style, light control, energy efficiency, durability

Window Treatment Recommendations: Plantation shutters, window film, shades

Sunrooms get a lot of light and are an ideal spot to relax or host guests - so long as you can have control over the amount of light and heat that enter the room. Plantation shutters look stunning against all the glass and are also perfect for keeping your sunroom at an ideal temperature with a simple adjustment of the louvers.

Pairing window film with another window covering can add to your room’s protection from heat and harmful ultraviolet rays – so you won’t have to worry about fading carpet, furniture or heirloom photos or artwork. Shades can add a more subtle aesthetic that you can customize to your home, but be aware that their UV protection won’t be as potent as other options.

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Cincinnati sunroom window treatments.

Cincinnati Laundry Room Window Treatments

Cincinnati laundry room with beige window shades.

Top Considerations: Budget, light control, energy efficiency, humidity resistance

Window Treatment Recommendations: blinds, shades 

Whether we like it or not, we spend a lot of hours in the laundry room each year. To make laundry time a little more tolerable, decorate your laundry room with window coverings that will make you comfortable, but don’t forget that laundry rooms can accumulate moisture and you may need to protect drying clothes from outside light.

Blinds are a fantastic choice for Cincinnati laundry rooms since they’re inexpensive and easy to adjust, making light control a breeze. Faux wood blinds are a better choice than real wood since they are moisture-resistant. Shades are also a consideration, giving a soft, muted style to your laundry room. Keep in mind though that shades typically aren’t very moisture resistant, in case a lot of ironing or steaming goes on in your laundry room.

Don’t fret the laundry room anymore!

Cincinnati laundry room window treatments.