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White and gray bathroom with several small white Polywood shutters.

Sensible Bathroom Window Treatment Ideas For Cincinnati

September 27, 2022

Bathrooms create a few unique challenges for Cincinnati homeowners. You must have window treatments that will obstruct unwanted glances as you’re stepping out of the shower. But you’ll also want the versatility of letting in a small amount or an abundance of sunshine when you’re dressed and getting ready. And most important of all, you have to get a product that withstands this moisture-heavy and hot environment.

When examining bathroom window treatment ideas in Cincinnati, your best options are Polywood® plantation shutters and faux-wood blinds.


Polywood® Louvered Shutters Are Ideal For Bathrooms

White and gray bathroom with one white Polywood shutters on a window above a modern style bathtub.

You don’t have to worry about water splashing from your bathtub or too much steam from your shower if you use Polywood® louvered shutters. This resilient choice is the ideal bathroom window treatment in Cincinnati as the synthetic wood is built to resist heat and water. They don’t split, crack, or warp - even when encountering the most extreme conditions. These sturdy shutters also won’t fade from exposure to the sun. But this amazing product is able to do more than just hold up against water and UV rays.
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Take Control Over Light And Privacy

White Polywood shutters in a small bathroom full of light.

Privacy is a primary concern for bathroom window treatments in Cincinnati and plantation shutters give you the complete control you require. If you’re preparing to get in the shower, you probably would like a little extra privacy. You can easily shut out the outside world by lowering the adjustable slats with a built-in tilt rod. If you want a little sunlight while preserving your privacy, just tilt the louvers to your preferred settings. Whenever your shower’s over and you’re getting ready for the day, swing back the panels fully and welcome in a flood of sunlight.

Bathroom Window Treatments In Cincinnati Need To Maintain Your Comfort

Large window with white Polywood shutters above a bathtub.

If you’re reclining in the bathtub, the last thing you want is a gush of cool air from your windows. Another great benefit of Polywood louvered shutters is their superior insulating ability. If the panels are shut, the exclusive airtight engineering is amazingly adept at maintaining your room’s comfort. In fact, they have the ability to prevent up to 30 degrees of heat gain or loss.

Pick Faux-Wood Blinds For Moisture Resistance

White and blue modern bathroom with two white Polywood shutter windows above a bathtub.

Constructed from composite material, faux-wood blinds are a great option as they give you the resistance to water that is desired for bathrooms. The white and off-white color options are suitable to virtually any room and you may personalize them even more with a wealth of paint options. These smart bathroom window covering ideas withstand moisture, but they also incorporate a level of durability that you can’t enjoy from other kinds of blinds. If you would like a budget-friendly and durable window covering, faux-wood blinds are a smart choice.

Explore Bathroom Window Treatments In Cincinnati

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