What Are The Leading Window Treatments For Over The Kitchen Sink In Cincinnati?

Lisa Renee Nieberding

When you’re shopping for window treatments, don’t overlook the kitchen -- beginning with the window by the sink. If you harbor reservations about the constant spattering of food and water disfiguring a window treatment over the kitchen sink in your Cincinnati home, make the smart choice with Polywood® plantation shutters. They look spectacular in any space but stand up to the moisture and heat of the kitchen.

Plantation shutters over a farmhouse kitchen sink.

Distinctive Plantation Shutters Elevate All Cincinnati Kitchens

Window treatments over your kitchen sink in Cincinnati need to be practical and long-lasting. With that being said, your over-the-sink window treatments will feel as elegant as your dining room coverings when you hang trendy faux wood Polywood plantation shutters.

This timeless option mixes effortlessly with every kitchen design. They are available in various tones of white that complement your kitchen fixtures and decor, and their firm panels of movable louvers create texture that contrasts beautifully with the smooth surfaces of your kitchen. Interior shutters add a unique sense of style to both high-end and restrained kitchens and all spaces between.

Polywood shutters in a Cincinnati gourmet kitchen.

Faux-Wood Shutters Resist Damage From Heat And Moisture

Have you ever seen moisture on window panes when doing dishes or heating water to a boil? That excess liquid attaches to window treatments over your Cincinnati kitchen sink, where it can damage standard fabric products over time.

You will figure out that faux wood shutters are a better option. The patented construction of Polywood and resilient coating are resistant to warm and wet conditions. In fact, these products are impervious to water. You will never find warping, splitting, or chipping due to the levels of moisture in your kitchen.

Natural sunlight and outdoor conditions also won’t impact these window treatments. When covering the window over your sink, these plantation shutters must hold up against chilly drafts and powerful UV rays. Your shutters will not deteriorate due to interior warmth or outside cold, nor will they fade in sunlight.

Plantation shutters in a bright Cincinnati kitchen.

Window Treatments That Give You More Light For Kitchen Work

Good lighting is essential in your Cincinnati kitchen. There’s no reason to injure yourself because the lighting is too dim! Polywood shutters bring in the desired level of natural light and are a cinch to adjust. Open the panels or use the tilt rod to move the louvers up and down. You’ll never have to fuss with tangled cords or an inconvenient pull bar that is not easily accessible when you need to alter the light levels.

For the brightest light, let the panels swing open entirely. If the sun’s rays are a bit much, swing the panels back shut and tilt open the louvers to your desired light settings. You can also shift the slats to eliminate unwanted glare in your kitchen. If you don’t like neighbors seeing into your home after dark, shut the louvers tight for complete seclusion.

Polywood shutters in a Cincinnati kitchen.

Polywood Shutters Are Simple To Clean

It’s common for kitchen surfaces to become covered in food particles and grease stains. The window treatment over your Cincinnati kitchen sink needs to clean up easily. With this in mind Polywood window treatments are perfect on a kitchen window. The impenetrable material won’t absorb stains and odors as fabric shades do. You just need to quickly wipe them with a soft, dampened cloth, and they look good as new.

You’ll never have to spend too much time carefully poking your dust rag through the slats as you do with flimsy blinds. The well-made louvers are durable, and you can choose from different sizes, including wider ones that provide ample space for you to move around.

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