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Best Window Treatments For Privacy In Cincinnati
February 5, 2021
If you feel your home lacks privacy, you can install a range of products like shades and curtains. While the choices are many, Polywood plantation shutters are the top window treatments for privacy in Cincinnati.
Work From Home Easier In Cincinnati With These Home Office Improvements
December 21, 2020
It seems that working from home has become a way of life. Try these office ideas to make work from home easier and more efficient.
Home Office Window Treatments In Cincinnati That Work For You
December 10, 2020
Is your home now your office? Keep your concentration and improve your video conference lighting with home office window treatments in Cincinnati.
What Window Treatments To Choose For Your Cincinnati Custom-built Home
December 1, 2020
Homeowners love beautiful plantation shutters when they need window treatments in their Cincinnati custom homes. Explore why this product is such a great choice.
Easy To Clean Window Treatments In Cincinnati
November 5, 2020
Your newly-installed window treatments may look great when they're brand-new, but will they accumulate dust, dirt, or grime? Here are some easy tips to clean window treatments in Cincinnati so they always look great.
Best Window Treatments For The Midwest and Cincinnati
October 29, 2020
Window treatments in the Midwest and Cincinnati should beautify your home and withstand humidity. Look into these window treatment options.
Interior Shutters: The Top Patio Door Window Treatment in Cincinnati
September 17, 2020
When you're trying to find the best patio door window treatments in Cincinnati, you need to factor in both style and energy-efficiency. Luckily, products like faux wood plantation shutters can achieve just that.
Are Plantation Shutters Out of Style in Cincinnati?
September 11, 2020
Plantation shutters have been a classic treatment for years, but are plantation shutters out of style?
The Best Window Treatments for a High-Rise in Cincinnati
August 28, 2020
If you reside or work in a high-rise apartment, you know what a pain glare from the sun can be. But what are the best window treatments for high-rises in Cincinnati?
What Window Treatments To Get When Replacing Broken Window Blinds in Cincinnati?
August 24, 2020
When replacing broken window blinds in Cincinnati consider upgrading to a beautiful, long-lasting product.
Quick And Enjoyable Family Home Improvement Projects
July 23, 2020
Home renovations can establish an exciting family bonding exercise -- should you select the right things to do. What are the quickest family home improvement projects in Cincinnati?
How to Prevent Common Mistakes When Buying Window Treatments in Cincinnati
June 9, 2020
When you're looking to get window treatments, it's easy to speed through and buy the first thing that you happen upon. But, with some careful planning, you can avoid common mistakes when buying window treatments in Cincinnati.
What Does Made In The USA Mean When it Comes to Plantation Shutters in Cincinnati?
May 29, 2020
You might see the label Made in the USA being applied to many different window treatments and home improvement materials in Cincinnati. But what does that really mean?
Window Treatments That Bring Light into Dark Rooms in Your Cincinnati Home
May 21, 2020
Some rooms require light-blocking window treatments to keep the sunlight out. What are the best treatments to bring light into a dark room?
5 Home Updates You Can Do in Cincinnati While Staying At Home
April 9, 2020
In the market for home updates you can do in Cincinnati without leaving your home? Check out these 5 easy ideas to dress up your living space.
Order New Window Treatments with a Virtual Design Consultation in Cincinnati
March 24, 2020
Would you like to shop for window treatments at home? We make it easy to have a virtual consultation and shop right from your home.
What Should You Expect In An Expert Plantation Shutter Installation in Cincinnati?
March 10, 2020
One advantage of custom-made shutters is that you get your coverings installed for you. But what should you expect in a quality plantation shutter installation in Cincinnati?
Your 2020 Home Maintenance Checklist in Cincinnati
March 6, 2020
Look at the energy efficiency of your windows, the condition of your furnace, and the level of your propane tank (if you have one). And dont forget to Inspect your fireplace and roofing for damage.
Different Faux Wood Plantation Shutters In Cincinnati
March 2, 2020
Just because the label says faux wood doesn't mean your window treatments will be durable or energy-efficient. Heres the lowdown for all the different faux wood plantation shutters, and which one is the best.
Should My Cincinnati Home Use an Inside Shutter Mount or Outside Shutter Mount?
February 27, 2020
Should you install an inside shutter mount or an outside shutter mount when you install your plantation shutters in Cincinnati? That depends on your window type and stylistic preference.
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