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Faux wood blinds in a dark finish on kitchen windows

Is It Worthwhile To Buy Custom Window Blinds in Greater Cincinnati?

February 29, 2024

For countless families, window blinds are the simplest way to go when updating your window treatments. These slatted coverings are one of the most economical ways to add beauty and light management to your space. Although it may seem easier to purchase ready-made blinds, you’re better off getting custom wood or faux wood blinds in Cincinnati. These hand-crafted blinds last longer, are more attractive, and work better than regular blinds.

Custom Window Blinds Offer Superior Durability

Brown wood shutters on large windows in a green bathroom

When you purchase window blinds in Greater Cincinnati, you get what you pay for. Ready-made window blinds might be more affordable, but these lower-grade aluminum or vinyl blinds deteriorate easily and have to be replaced frequently.

Conversely, custom blinds are made from sturdy materials like faux or real wood. These materials don’t bend or break as easily as vinyl or aluminum. The cords and operating mechanisms on custom wood and faux wood blinds are of greater quality, as well. They won’t wear out rapidly from normal use. Custom window blinds in Cincinnati last longer, so you really get your money’s worth.

Custom Window Blinds Look Exactly How You Want

Dark brown blinds on windows in a dining room

Custom window blinds always look more attractive in your Cincinnati residence than pre-made blinds. For one, they’re constructed with superior workmanship and materials like faux wood or natural wood. Custom blinds also fit your windows properly. They look like they belong with your house and were chosen with care and attention to detail. Ill-fitting blinds do little to boost your home.

When you purchase custom window blinds in Cincinnati, you also get to choose elements like

  • The color
  • A smooth or wood grain finish
  • Twill tapes
  • A decorative valance
  • Rounded or squared corners

These options help you craft an attractive, distinctive look. You may personalize them to match other aspects of your living space. You can’t do that with blinds you purchase off a rack at the store!

Custom Window Blinds Fit Your Windows Better

 A close up view of gray blinds in a window

Windows come in many different sizes, and the same can be said for window fashions. When buying ready-made blinds, you must browse for ones nearest to your window’s specific size. You’ll likely come across blinds that fall short of covering the window pane and leave a space or that jut out farther than the window’s edge. This less-than-ideal fit may impact the functionality of your blinds. They either won’t provide proper coverage, or they’ll slap against the wall or window frame when you move them.

Custom wood blinds or faux wood blinds give you a perfect fit. Your window treatment installer will measure your windows so your blinds can be custom-tailored. They’ll reach the edges of the windows without hitting anything for ideal coverage and functionality. You won’t find yourself worrying about if neighbors can see through a space or if your blinds and window will get scraped up.

If you’re concerned about putting blinds on specialty-shaped windows, extremely large windows, doors, or hard-to-reach windows, speak to your window treatment provider about plantation shutters. They are suitable for any sort of window and offer all the perks of blinds, and many more!

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