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White sheer shades on a bedroom window

Get Inspired With These Three Unique Window Shades In Cincinnati

April 04, 2024

When searching for window shades, you’ll discover quite a few kinds to pick from. Some shades are more widespread than others. They’ll work but feel predictable. If you want something more exciting, look at more uncommon types like transitional shades, sheer shades, and woven shades. These unique window shades in Cincinnati all work nicely and look beautiful while giving you something different from the standard treatments. 

Select Transitional Shades For Effortless Light Management

A gray transitional shade on a dining room window

Transitional shades, often referred to as “zebra shades,” are similar to more common roller shades. You extend them over your window the same way, but transitional shades give you more flexibility for light control. They’re constructed with an uninterrupted loop of material with alternating sheer and opaque bands. Whenever you manipulate the shade, these bands shift. When the like segments align, the sunlight comes in through the sheer areas for a bit of light. Pull the shade again to align the back sheer bands with solid ones in the front to block light.

You might put transitional shades on windows to control outside light. They’ll allow you to quickly switch between darkness, filtered light, and full light in home offices, entertainment rooms, home theaters, and bedrooms. They can also be lifted totally up to the top for an unfettered view outside. Transitional shades have a sleek modern look that suits most decor and come in many colors, too. Their eye-catching stripes make them a terrific possibility for unique window shades in Cincinnati.

Skip Sheer Curtains For More Adaptable Sheer Shades

White sheer window shades on windows in a high rise penthouse bedroom

Many people enjoy the style of thin sheer curtains, but sheer shades are a more useful choice. For example, they may alternate between opaque and translucent. You might describe sheer shades as a softer type of plantation shutters because they have louver-like fabric slats between the sheer panels. As you pull the shade down, you may rotate these slats to open and permit light to filter through the sheer material or close them to obstruct sunlight. You can’t do that when you use curtains!

Sheer shades are ideal for spaces where you would like a little sunlight but don’t want bare windows. The slats can be adjusted so you can redirect light off reflective surfaces and clear of your line of vision when reading, working on a computer, or watching TV. They come in various trendy colors and mesh nicely with the majority of interior styles.

Add Natural Elegance To Your Home With Woven Shades 

Gray woven window shades on 3 windows in a kitchen

Woven shades are among the more unique window shades in Cincinnati homes. Dissimilar to fabric choices, they’re composed of natural woven fibers that deliver a stunning organic vibe to an area. No two woven shades are identical because they’re constructed of wood-like materials such as jute, bamboo, or reeds. The type of weave and material you choose will dictate your shade’s opacity, texture, and color.

You may install woven shades in any space without a high degree of humidity. Their earthy colors and time-tested beauty are perfect for most home interiors. If you would like to use them in a room where privacy or sunlight is a concern, ask to line your woven shades or put in a room-darkening shade behind it.

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