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White polywood shutters in a corner of a dining room.

How To Cover Corner Windows In Cincinnati

March 28, 2022

Choosing window treatments for your Cincinnati house appears straightforward. However, a few windows can prove harder to cover, such as when the window panes which come together at a corner. If you want to cover corner windows in Cincinnati, window shades or custom-made plantation shutters work better than other treatments. When fabricated to fit your windows precisely, they look attractive and cover your windows how you need.

Beautiful Louvered Shutters Fully Cover Corner Windows In Cincinnati

White polywood shutters in a corner of a living room 

You can have a couple problems when you try to cover corner windows in Cincinnati. If one of your windows spans the two sides of the corner, blinds over each half can’t quite meet together and will create a gap that lets the sun in or get caught on each other. If you have two windows that almost meet at the corner, you may not have for drapes in the corner.

Interior shutters solve all of these problems. Thanks to their special design, they fit all window shapes, sizes, and configurations–including corner windows. They have a solid hardwood or faux-wood frame built around your window with louvered panels inside this frame. And all interior shutters are custom-made to fit your window’s exact dimensions. On a single window in a corner, the frame’s two sides will meet perfectly in the corner with no gap. Your installer will build the frame to make enough space to adjust the louvers without them touching in the corner. If you’re covering a window of each side of the corner, you don’t have to worry about how to pull back fabric drapes with solid shutters.

Interior shutters give phenomenal benefits as window coverings too. Both hardwood shutters and durable Polywood® shutters shut tight to give you darkness and privacy when you want it. Shutters block drafts as well–especially Polywood shutters, which have weatherstripping for fantastic energy efficiency. Maybe their best benefit is their superior beauty. Unlike with fabric window treatments, louvered shutters give your windows architectural detail. They look classic and elegant, even on odd corner windows.

Window Shades Embellish Corner Windows With Colorful Style

Gray cellular shades in a corner of a stylish living room. 

Certain window shades can also work as corner window treatments in Cincinnati. Fabric shades on each side of a continuous corner window will meet at the seam with just the smallest line of light when closed. For two separate windows in a corner, inside-mounted shades will hang inside the window frames where they won’t touch each other.

For the tidiest look, use smooth roller shades. But Roman and cellular shades work too. Just make sure to order custom window shades. Store-bought window coverings won’t match the specific dimensions of your corner window and will likely leave spaces that you don’t want.

The biggest benefit of covering your corner window with a roller or Roman shade is all the variety available. Window shades not only come in lots of varying styles, but each style comes in different materials, colors, and patterns. A custom-made window shade is a great solution if your corner window needs some color to dress it up.

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