Are Plantation Shutters Out of Style in Cincinnati?

Lisa Renee Nieberding

Window treatments like plantation shutters are a key element of the décor in your home, so it’s smart to consider if they’ll ever go the way of shag carpeting and wood paneling. You know plantation shutters stand up to the wear and tear of everyday use better than ordinary window treatments, but what about their future appeal? Are plantation shutters out of style in Cincinnati or going out soon?

You’ll be happy to know, the answer is an empathic No!

Plantation Shutters Are a Classic, Enduring Option

Plantation shutters with wide slats.

There’s an easy explanation why plantation shutters are a sought-after solution for interior windows. Their combination of style and light control stands the test of time.

Plantation shutters are built with wide slats that adjust gracefully to let in sunlight. They illuminate the space when the sky is sunny, then direct light away when sun glare is a concern. Or you can close them completely for full privacy and darkness. Their ease of use and solid build have made them a popular window treatment for ages.

Most notably, homeowners in Cincinnati prefer plantation shutters for their resilience. They’re installed with a complete frame so that they won’t get displaced with an errant bump or an excessive pull. When comparing, interior shutters are longer lasting than window shades, aluminum blinds, or curtains.

These days, you can find them constructed with a more durable faux wood. Faux-wood shutters, like our Polywood® Shutters, are resistant to cracking, warping, and splitting. They are a cinch to clean with your trusty duster or damp cloth, which means there will be no need to spend money on replacement window treatments. Luckily, they blend seamlessly to any space!

Plantation Shutters Are Suitable for All Styles

Polywood shutters in a Cincinnati dining room.

For the fashion-focused homeowner in Cincinnati, you should know that your finely crafted shutters will never fall out of your style. Their smart and simple style makes a subtle architectural statement that blends well with interior décor of all types. Plantation shutters come in a multitude of whites and wood styles that are simple to match or coordinate with as interior styles evolve. The same luxurious wood finish, for instance, is suitable for traditional and more contemporary styles.

Plantation shutters also make sense when considering energy-saving needs. As reducing utility bills never go out of fashion, you probably want a interior window covering that helps control heat loss into and out of your windows. Polywood shutters offer superior insulation that keeps interiors comfortable without over-burdening your AC and furnace. In fact, our innovative product is up to 1600% more energy-efficient than those unappealing aluminum blinds -- which are never in style!

Plantation Shutters Are Always A Smart Choice in Cincinnati! Especially with Sunburst Shutters Cincinnati!

Plantation shutters in a corner window.

Your customized Polywood shutters will always be up-to-date with Sunburst Shutters Cincinnati. We provide free in-home consultations to guarantee you understand all the benefits of these time-tested window treatments. Schedule your appointment today by dialing 513-216-9740 or by completing our simple form.