2 Types Of Interior Wood Shutters In Cincinnati, OH

Lisa Renee Nieberding

Wood shutters are a window treatment known to be sturdy and durable. You can get easy access to the window by opening the shutter panels. The shutter louvers let you adjust for temperature, light, and privacy. And they bring the innate beauty of wood to your home!

You can select one of two types of interior wood shutters in Cincinnati. Stained wood shutters are the traditional shutter of choice. And reclaimed wood shutters are a new shutter product, launched in early 2016.

How are reclaimed wood shutters and stained wood shutters different And which works better for your windows?

Wood Shutters In Cincinnati

Interior wood shutters are constructed from hardwood that is solid and durable. Pick wood stains and paints so that your shutters complement your existing furniture, décor, and floor.

Ovation wood shutters in contemporary living room

Plantation shutters made from wood come in these louver sizes: 2.5”, 3.5”, and 4.5”. The most preferred for wood shutters in Cincinnati is 4.5”. It ’s the easiest to clean and gives you the most access to the view.

Control for light and privacy by moving your wood shutters with a tilt rod. Tilt the wooden louvers all the way up to block as much light as possible from entering the room. Move them open for more light and view.

Reclaimed Wood Shutters in Cincinnati

Certified reclaimed wood shutters are a new option for interior wood shutters in Cincinnati, brought to you exclusively by Sunburst Shutters & Window Fashions. The shutter louvers are built from wood that used to be part of buildings, fences, and barns. Their weathered look brings the charm of nature to your house.

Reclaimed wood shutters on kitchen window in Cincinnati

Reclaimed wood colors can vary greatly. That’s because of how the elements affect the wood. Colors can include shades of beige, brown, black, and gray. You will notice color variations between one shutter panel and another – it can even vary on a single louver. And these wooden shutters feature marks, holes, and knots that naturally happen in reclaimed wood.

And you can move the 3.5” shutter louvers with a tilt rod.

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